Partnership with Mental Health America

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Partnership with Mental Health America

Here at Abrantie & Signora (A&S), we aim to brand our clothes on positivity, confidence, and the inclusion of different cultures. We believe in the importance of inspired storytelling and hope to use our clothes to continue to push that narrative. We believe mental health and wellness is a crucial part of one’s overall health, which led us to reach out and partner with Mental Health America (MHA) — the nation’s largest non-profit dedicated to serving those with mental illnesses. With a base demographic between the ages of 18-25, it is our hope and belief that we will be able to spread the importance of promoting mental health and wellness amongst the younger generation.

A good amount of people in our society have their misconceptions about mental illnesses, and some don’t even believe in the concept of mental health. Perhaps the most exciting thing about our partnership w/ MHA is their B4Stage4 Philosophy — which is centered around the belief that mental health conditions should be treated long before they reach the most critical points in the disease process. Prior to becoming a psychiatric registered nurse myself, this was a difficult concept to grasp as I wasn’t aware that mental health conditions should and can be treated proactively like other diseases like cancer or diabetes. By bringing awareness to MHA and their B4Stage4 Philosophy, we hope that we can inspire others to join us in the journey towards improving the overall mental health of our local communities and Americans everywhere.

On our website, we have a section dedication to our partnership w/ MHA and various screening tools — both in English and in Spanish — to those who believe they may be experiencing signs and symptoms of a mental health condition.

Through our promotion of positivity, we hope to be a voice for those in the community that aren’t able to stand up and speak for themselves.

You Already Won!

**As always 5% of proceeds will be donated to MHA year-round**

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