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My Experience at Mental Health America’s (MHA) 2017 Conference – Kwame Sarfo

Kwame Sarfo Abrantie & Signora/Mental Health America Grovetown High School Grovetown, GA The Mental Health America conference was truly a great experience, and I felt like all of us were truly involved in all the festivities throughout. When we first got there it was kind of awkward because immediately you enter the venue you see all these important people talking and you sort of feel out place but quickly we were greeted by the program organizers and introduced to all the people we needed to know about. Later on, we went...

Partnership with Mental Health America

Here at Abrantie & Signora (A&S), we aim to brand our clothes on positivity, confidence, and the inclusion of different cultures. We believe in the importance of inspired storytelling and hope to use our clothes to continue to push that narrative. We believe mental health and wellness is a crucial part of one's overall health, which led us to reach out and partner with Mental Health America (MHA) -- the nation's largest non-profit dedicated to serving those with mental illnesses. With a base demographic between the ages...