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Diamond Heart Foundation Partnership!

We are thrilled to announce that we have partnered up with the Diamond Heart Foundation to promote a more positive message to the masses! This organization's purpose is centered around unifying the world in opposition to all forms of exploitation including but not limited to sexual exploitation, human trafficking, and pornography. I had the pleasure of meeting the Nina -- who represented the Diamond Heart Foundation (DHF) at Mental Health America's Annual Conference this past June in Washington D.C. After hearing about DHF's message of anti-exploitation and intentions to...

Partnership with Mental Health America

Here at Abrantie & Signora (A&S), we aim to brand our clothes on positivity, confidence, and the inclusion of different cultures. We believe in the importance of inspired storytelling and hope to use our clothes to continue to push that narrative. We believe mental health and wellness is a crucial part of one's overall health, which led us to reach out and partner with Mental Health America (MHA) -- the nation's largest non-profit dedicated to serving those with mental illnesses. With a base demographic between the ages...